Welcome to the Sportkombinat Eifel

About us

Sportkombinat Eifel is for young and old alike, for the whole family, we´re your partner for self-
defense, fitness, and kickboxing.
Our concept for all our courses is characterized by a professional way of teaching the
different techniques in small groups. This way we can focus on you and your individual needs.
We put high value on a familiar atmosphere and welcome everyone. The Sportkombinat Eifel team is looking forward to you joining!


Our Classes

Kick- and Thaiboxing

In this class, you’ll learn techniques from the Muay Thai, modern kickboxing, and classical boxing.
Besides learning the different techniques of beating and kicking, you’ll also improve your level of
fitness. The training is suitable for the enhancement of the student´s general fitness as well as for
the preparation for competitive sports. We offer training in distinct levels: basic, advanced, and

Krav Maga and Selfdefense

KRAV MAGA is Hebrew and means „contact fighting“. This system was founded in Israel and
comes from the military. It is characterized by simple, but very effective techniques. It is not a sport
in the classic sense but a pure system of self-defense. There are no competitions, no belts, no
examinations. Instead, the training focuses on identifying potential hazards at an early stage,
avoiding these, and reacting safely in stressful situations. If avoiding hazards is not possible, an
assault will be repelled by simple, but effective, and also stress-resistant techniques.


KAPAP is a form of combat training. The origins are in the police and the military and the training isn’t seen as a finished close combat system. The focus is on different forms of training, depending on different kind of attack situations. Therefore, KAPAP intensifies the Krav Maga-training but it’s also combinable with other martial arts and it will complete these concerning the field of conceptual training for dealing with real assaults. Our KAPAP training addresses people who already have experience in a martial arts or selfdefense system.